Regina Lee Art

Regina Lee was born in Fairbanks, Alaska.   She and her family traveled often and though she relocated several times as a child, art was something constant in her life. She realized early-on that art would be a huge part of her life. Her family retired in Boone, North Carolina, where Regina attended Watauga High School.  She knew at this point that art would be the focus of her college career.

At Coastal Carolina Community College in Jacksonville, NC, Regina completed her Associates Degree in Fine Arts. She later transferred to the University of North Carolina in Asheville.  Regina received her Bachelor's Degree with distinction in art and emphasis in painting.

She now creates out of her home studio in Charleston, SC.  Her artwork includes a variety of different mediums.  She truly enjoys sharing her knowledge and appreciation of art with the world around her.  Regina Lee currently works for Wine and Canvas- Charleston!